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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How Can You Make 2019 A Best Year Ever?

Here Are Few Tips Based On What I Read, What Worked For Me, and What Didn’t

#1 Know Yourself
  • Who Are You?
  • What Kind Of Person Are You?
  • Are You An Action Taker Or A Planner?
  • Are You Expressive Or Introvert?
  • Are You Logical Or Emotional?
  • Do You Know?
  • Most Of The Time People Screw Up In Business Or Relationships Because They Don’t Understand Themselves.
  • To Know Yourself.
  • Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses And Structure Your Days Accordingly. 
  • Focus More on Your Strengths Overcome Your Weaknesses Or Delegate Those Things You Aren’t Very Good At Or You Don’t Like.
  • You Don’t Want To Waste Your Time Again On Them.

#2 Have a Strong Mind
  • To Excel In Life, You Need To Think Straight.
  • You Need To Have A Clear Picture Of What You Are Going To Do Or What You Want To Achieve.
  • Because What You Think Is What You Behave And What You Achieve.
  • To Do So, You Need To Be Conscious Of Your Thoughts. 
  • And You Can Do It Only With Practice.

#3 Have a Strong Body
  • You Cannot Make The Right Decision When You Are Feeling Tired.
  • You Cannot Write A Good Email If You Are Feeling Tired.
  • You Cannot Present At Your Best If You Aren’t Full Of Energy.
  • If You Don’t Have the Physical Stamina to Keep Up, You’ll Want To Quit, And You’ll Quit.
  • So Keep Your Body Healthy And Keep Your Energy Levels Up.
  • Exercise Daily. Walk or Run or Swim. 
  • Do Whatever You Like And Keep Yourself Fit And Strong.

#4 Have Good Sleep
  • It’s A Mistake Many of Us Do, Including Me.
  • We Hang Around Facebook Or Whatsapp Till Midnight And Even Late Sometimes.
  • Then We Grab A Few Hours of Sleep, Get Up, And Rush to the Office.
  • We Repeat It Again And Again.
  • And The Worst Thing Is, We Feel Proud About It.
  • Rest Is A Weapon.
  • Sleep Is Essential For A Sharp Mind and Body.
  • You May Not Feel It Now, But Lack Of Sleep Could Cause Long-term Issues.
  • You’ll Not Be Able to Concentrate on Your Best.
  • You Cannot Be Your Best.
  • So, Quit The Screens And Go To Bed Early.
  • You’ll Thank Me In The Future.

#5 Connect & Network
  • Don’t Live Behind Your Laptop Or Desktop Or Mobile.
  • Don’t Live Digital All the Time.
  • Go Analog.
  • Go And Meet People.
  • Make Friends. Connect With Peers. Build Your Network.
  • Because You Are The Average Of The Five People, You Spend The Most Time With.
  • So Choose The Right People To Hang Out.

#6 Do
  • Take Action.
  • Without Action You Won’t Get Better.
  • You Won’t Get The Results.
  • You Won’t Get To The Next Level.
  • Your Career Won’t Grow.
  • You Won’t Get Anywhere.
  • So, Take Action.
  • Don’t Do Tens Of Mindless Things.
  • Get The Right Things Done.

#7 Have Fun
  • Have Goals And Stay Focused.
  • But Don’t Be Too Rigid.
  • Leave A Room For A Surprise.
  • You’ll Never Know What Life Has Planned for You.
  • You Won’t Know Where It Might Take You.
  • It May Is Somewhere Better, An Entirely New Destination You Aren’t Expecting.
  • And Have Fun.
  • Everything You Do Is To Live Happily And Having Fun Is Part Of It.

Don’t Forget It.

Happy New Year!

Make It Big And Make It Worth.

Source: Deepak Kanakaraju


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