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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Scala Programming Tutorial | Learn Scala Programming | Scala Language By ProgrammingKnowledge

Scala Programming Tutorial | Learn Scala Programming | Scala Language By ProgrammingKnowledge.

This Scala Tutorial Course Is Aimed At Complete Beginners To The Subject. For Those Who Have No Programming Experience Or Those Who Have Limited Knowledge Of Scala. This Course Get You Up And Running And Will Give You The Skills You Need To Master The Scala Programming Language.

“Scala Is An Acronym For Scalable Language ”- Scala Is A Modern Multi-Paradigm Programming Language Designed To Express Common Programming Patterns In A Concise, Elegant, And Type-Safe Way.- Scala Is Written By Martin Oder sky At EPFL. - Scala Is Statically Typed- Scala Runs On JVM, Full Inter-Op With Java.- Scala Is Object-Oriented- Scala Is Functional- Scala Has Dynamic Features- Scala Is Scala Blends Object-Oriented And Functional Programming In A Statically Typed Language.

Video Step By Step :
  • Introduction To Scala
  • Introduction To SBT (Scala Build Tool)
  • How To Install And Setup SBT On Windows 10
  • Data Types And Variables
  • How To Install Scala IDE Windows 10 + First Scala Hello World Application
  • Scala String Interpolation
  • Scala - IF ELSE Statements
  • Scala While Loop And Do-While Loop
  • Scala For Loop
  • Match Expressions
  • Scala Functions
  • Anonymous Functions + Default Values Function + More ...
  • Scala - Higher-Order Functions
  • Scala - Partially Applied Functions
  • How To Use Closures In Scala
  • Function Currying In Scala
  • Strings
  • Arrays
  • Lists
  • Scala Sets
  • Scala Maps
  • Scala Tuples
  • Scala Options Type
  • Map, Flat map, Flatten And Filter (Higher-Order Methods)
  • Reduce, Fold Or Scan
  • Scala Classes
  • Auxiliary Constructors
  • How To Extend Class - Class Inheritance
  • Scala Abstract Class
  • Scala Lazy Evaluation
  • Scala Trait

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