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Monday, September 10, 2018

Database Design Course - Learn How To Design And Plan A Database For Beginners By FreeCodeCamp

Database Design Course - Learn How To Design And Plan A Database For Beginners By FreeCodeCamp.

This Database Design Course Will Help You Understand Database Concepts And Give You A Deeper Grasp Of Database Design.

Database Design Is The Organization Of Data According To A Database Model. The Designer Determines What Data Must Be Stored And How The Data Elements Interrelate. With This Information, They Can Begin To Fit The Data To The Database Model.

Learn More About This Course On Caleb Curry's Website :-

Video Contents
  • Introduction
  • What Is A Database?
  • What Is A Relational Database?
  • Introduction To SQL
  • Naming Conventions
  • What Is Database Design?
  • Data Integrity
  • Database Terms
  • More Database Terms
  • Atomic Values
  • Relationships
  • One-To-One Relationships
  • One-To-Many Relationships
  • Many-To-Many Relationships
  • Designing One-To-One Relationships
  • Designing One-To-Many Relationships
  • Parent Tables And Child Tables
  • Designing Many-To-Many Relationships
  • Summary Of Relationships
  • Introduction To Keys
  • Primary Key Index
  • Look Up Table
  • Super Key And Candidate Key
  • Primary Key And Alternate Key
  • Surrogate Key And Natural Key
  • Should I Use Surrogate Keys Or Natural Keys?
  • Foreign Key
  • NOT NULL Foreign Key
  • Foreign Key Constraints
  • Simple Key, Composite Key, Compound Key
  • Review And Key Points....HA GET IT? KEY Points!
  • Introduction To Entity Relationship Modeling
  • Cardinality
  • Modality
  • Introduction To Database Normalization
  • 1NF (First Normal Form Of Database Normalization)
  • 2NF (Second Normal Form Of Database Normalization)
  • 3NF (Third Normal Form Of Database Normalization)
  • Indexes (Clustered, Nonclustered, Composite Index)
  • Data Types
  • Introduction To Joins
  • Inner Join
  • Inner Join On 3 Tables
  • Inner Join On 3 Tables (Example)
  • Introduction To Outer Joins
  • Right Outer Join
  • JOIN With NOT NULL Columns
  • Outer Join Across 3 Tables
  • Alias
  • Self Join


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