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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Android Development Tutorial in One Video By ProgrammingKnowledge

Android Development Tutorial in One Video By ProgrammingKnowledge.

The Android Operating System Is Changing Our Lives In So Many Ways And Also Enabled Enterprises To Develop Into Big Names In The It Business. It Has The Biggest Database Of Users Around The World And The Numbers Are Only Increasing. With The Boom Of Mobile Devices, The Android App Market Has Grown Majorly, With The Addition Of New And Innovative Apps Regularly.

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Building Android Apps With The Android Studio Ide. You Will Learn To Set Up Your Android Sdk And Begin Developing By Incorporating Ui, Buttons, Intents Etc .This Course Is Designed Around The Basics And Once You Complete The Course, You Will Easily Be Able To Create A Brilliant Android App. The Curriculum Includes Installation, Activities, Layouts, List Views, Sqlite And Services Multimedia .

Video Tutorial Step By Step :
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction And Installing And Configuring Java Jdk
  • How To Install Android Studio
  • Building Your First Android App (Hello World Example)
  • Basic Overview Of An Android App
  • Android Activity Lifecycle
  • Android Activity Lifecycle State Change Example
  • Adding Two Numbers App (Simple Calculator)
  • Wrap_Content, Fill_Parent, Password Field And Toast In Android
  • Android Checkbox Basics And Example
  • Android Radiobutton Basics With Example
  • Android Ratingbar Basics
  • Android Alert Dialog Example
  • How To Start New Activity On Button Click Via Intent
  • Android Analogclock And Digitalclock Example
  • Android Login Screen Example Part 1
  • Android Login Screen Example Part 2
  • Android Imageview Example
  • Android Listview
  • Seekbar
  • Android Webview Example
  • Android Gestures (Using Touch Gestures)
  • Fragments In Android - Part 1
  • Fragments In Android - Part 2
  • Android Auto complete text view Control
  • Android Timepicker
  • Android Timepicker Dialog ( Timepickerdialog )
  • Android Datepicker Dialog ( Datepickerdialog)
  • Showing Notifications And Using Notificationmanager
  • Action Bar (Actionbar)
  • Action Bar (Actionbar) # Overflow Menu Items And Icons
  • Add Up Button For Low-Level Activities To Action Bar
  • Explicit And Implicit Intents In Android
  • Introduction To Services And Creating Started Service
  • Services And Thread In Android 
  • Creating Service Using Intentservice
  • Bound Services
  • Applying Styles On Components
  • Style Inheritance In Android
  • How To Save A File On Internal Storage


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