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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Ethical Hacking with Hardware Gadgets By Udemy

In This Course We Will Have A Look At A Couple Of Hardware Gadgets Which Can Be Used For Hacking.

Learn All about USB Attacks, USB Rubber Ducky, HID Attacks, Bad usb, Keystroke Injections, Wi-Fi Jamming.

A. USB Hacking

How A Keystroke Injection Attack Works And Present USB Sticks Like USB Rubber Ducky And While Show You How To Write Your Own Scripts To Exploit This Vulnerability. How You Can Build A Lower-Cost Version Of The USB Rubber Ducky By Using Cheap Chinese Made Development Boards Which Are Compatible With The Arduino Platform. After You Understand How The Attack Works And Are Able To Build Your Own Device, I Will Explain What Options Are Available In Order To Protect Yourself.

B. Wi-Fi Jamming

Wi-Fi Jammers Or To Call Them More Properly Wi-Fi Deauthers, Are Basically A Very Easy Way Of Kicking Everybody Out From A Specific Wi-Fi Network And If Wanted, Making The Wi-Fi Network Useless.

This Section Is Dealing With A Known Vulnerability In The IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi) Protocols Even With WPA2. While The Data You Are Transferring By The Wi-Fi Network Is Encrypted And Better Protected, The Problem Are The So Called Management Frames That Are Not Always Authenticated, Thus Allowing An Attacker For Example To Disconnect The Devices From The Network By Sending A So-Called Deauthentication Frame, Used To Terminate A Connection.

What Are The Requirements?
  • General IT Know-How
  • Possibility of Installing New Software (Windows, Macos)
  • Interest in IT-Security and Hardware Projects

What Get From This Course?
  • Explore the Threat Landscape: Usbs, Wi-Fi Jammers
  • Learn Common Tools and Techniques Used
  • Practical Skill set In Defeating Hardware-Based Threats
  • Extend Your Cyber Security Know-How for Hardware-Based Tools

Ethical Hacking with Hardware Gadgets :-


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