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Monday, September 18, 2017

Best YouTube Channels For Learning Computer Hardware and Networking

Computer Hardware Is The Collection Of Physical Parts Of A Computer System. This Includes The Computer Case, Monitor, Keyboard, And Mouse. It Also Includes All The Parts Inside The Computer Case, Such As The Hard Disk Drive, Motherboard, Video Card, And Many Others. Computer Hardware Is What You Can Physically Touch.

Learn Basic Electronics & Measuring Instruments, Digital Electronics, Computer Fundamental, Computer Hardware, Microprocessor, PC Troubleshooting, PC Maintenance, Partitioning And Formatting, Installation Of Motherboard, Installation Of OS & Repairing Software Problems

Computer Networking Is A Set Of Computers Connected Together For The Purpose Of Sharing Resources. The Most Common Resource Shared Today Is Connection To The Internet. Other Shared Resources Can Include A Printer Or A File Server

Learn Peripheral Devices And SMPS, Data Communication And Networking Concepts, LAN Technology, Basic Theory, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, Cables, Connectivity Devices, Windows Server 2003, Network Maintenance, Wireless Networking, DNS, DHCP.

A. Best YouTube Channels For Learning Computer Hardware.

1. Bitwit

2. Hardware Unboxed

3. Paul's Hardware

4. JayzTwoCents

5. CareyHolzman

B. Best YouTube Channels For Learning Computer Networking.
Career Opportunities:
  • Breakdown Maintenance As Well As Annual Contract Maintenance of Computers For Companies As Well As Individuals (Home PCs).
  • Assembly of Computers And Computer Peripherals.
  • Networking of Computers For Companies.
  • Sales of Computers, Computer Parts And Peripherals.

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