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Friday, August 4, 2017

How To Find Website Vulnerabilities On Kali Linux 2017 (XSS & SQL Injection) By SSTec Tutorials

How To Find Website Vulnerabilities On Kali Linux 2017 (XSS & SQL Injection) By SSTec Tutorials.

Find XSS Cross Site Script And SQL Injection Vulnerabilities Useing D-Tect On Kali Linux 2017.

XSS Vulnerabilities : 
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Is A Type Of Computer Security Vulnerability Typically Found In Web Applications. 
  • XSS Enables Attackers To Inject Client-Side Scripts Into Web Pages Viewed By Other Users. 
  • A Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability May Be Used By Attackers To Bypass Access Controls Such As The Same-Origin Policy.

SQL Injection Vulnerabilities :
  • SQL Injection Is A Code Injection Technique, Used To Attack Data-Driven Applications, 
  • In Which Nefarious SQL Statements Are Inserted Into An Entry Field For Execution (E.G. To Dump The Database Contents To The Attacker).

D-TECT Is An All-In-One Tool For Penetration Testing. This Is Specially Programmed For Penetration Testers And Security Researchers To Make Their Job Easier,
Instead Of Launching Different Tools For Performing Different Task.
D-TECT Provides Multiple Features And Detection Features Which Gather Target Information And Finds Different Flaws In It.

D-TECT Features :-
  • WordPress Username Enumeration
  • Sub-domain Scanning
  • Port Scanning
  • WordPress Scanning
  • WordPress Backup Grabbing
  • Sensitive File Detection
  • Same-Site Scripting Scanning
  • Click Jacking Detection
  • Powerful XSS vulnerability scanning
  • SQL Injection vulnerability scanning
  • User-Friendly UI

D-TECT Download :-

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