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Friday, July 14, 2017

Wirespy - The Wireless Hacking Toolkit on Kali Linux 2017

Wirespy - The Wireless Hacking Toolkit on Kali Linux 2017.

Wirespy Download :-

Automate Man In The Middle Attacks (Mitmas) Over Wi-Fi.

Wirespy Allows Attackers To Set Up Quick Honeypots To Carry Out Mitmas. Monitoring And Logging Functionalities Are Implemented In Order To Keep Records Of The Victims Traffics/Activities. Other Tools Can Be Used Together With Wirespy To Further More Advanced Attacks.

Two Types of Attacks Are Supported At the Moment:

Honeypot: Set Up A Simple Rogue Hotspot and Wait for Clients to Connect.
Evil-Twin: Force Victims to Auto-Connect To the Honeyspot by Spoofing a "Trusted" Hotspot.


1) Rogue Access Point

Rogue Access Point To Man-In-The-Middle And Network Attacks. Purporting To Provide Wireless Internet Services, But Snooping On the Traffic.
Can Be Used To Capture Of Credentials Of Unsuspecting Users By Either Snooping The Communication By Phishing.

2) Evil Twin Access Point

An Attacker Can Easily Create An Evil Twin With A Smartphone Or Other Internet-Capable Device And Some Easily-Available Software.
The Attacker Positions Himself In The Vicinity Of A Legitimate Hot Spot And Lets His Device Discover What Service Set Identifier (Name) And Radio Frequency The Legitimate Access Point Uses.
He Then Sends Out His Own Radio Signal, Using The Same Name As The Legitimate Access Point.
To The End-User, The Evil Twin Looks Like A Hot Spot With A Very Strong Signal; That's Because The Attacker Has Not Only Used The Same Network Name And Settings As The "Good Twin" He Is Impersonating,
He Has Also Physically Positioned Himself Near The End-User So That His Signal Is Likely To Be The Strongest Within Range. If The End-User Is Tempted By The Strong Signal And Connects Manually To The Evil Twin To Access The Internet,
Or If The End-User's Computer Automatically Chooses That Connection Because It Is Running In Promiscuous Mode

3) Display/Hide DHCP Leases

4) WIFI Start/Stop Sniffing

A Wireless Sniffer Is A Type Of Packet Analyzer. A Packet Analyzer (Also Known As A Packet Sniffer) Is A Piece Of Software
Or Hardware Designed To Intercept Data As It Is Transmitted Over A Network And Decode The Data Into A Format That Is Readable For Humans.

5) Start/Stop DNS Poisoning (In Developpement)

DNS Cache Poisoning, Also Known As DNS Spoofing,
Is A Type Of Attack That Exploits Vulnerabilities In The Domain Name System (DNS) To Divert Internet Traffic Away From Legitimate Servers And Towards Fake Ones.
One Of The Reasons DNS Poisoning Is So Dangerous Is Because It Can Spread From DNS Server To DNS Server.

6) Boost-Up Wireless Card

  • Power Amplification.
  • MAC Address Spoofing.
  • De-Authenticate Its Users To Force Them To Transparently Auto-Connect To The Evil-Twin (Spoofed) Access-Point.
  • Monitoring the Victims' Traffics.
  • Logging the Victims' Traffics.

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