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Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Lazy Script - Kali Linux Hack Script Make Hacking Easy | Best Hacking Tools 2017

The Lazy Script - Kali Linux Hack Script Make Hacking Easy | Best Hacking Tools 2017.

New Feature: Custom Keyboard Shortcuts!! Launch Any Tool Within lscript , With Your Own Shortcuts!!!
  • Enabling-Disabling Interfaces Faster
  • Changing Mac Faster
  • Anonymizing Yourself Faster
  • View Your Public Ip Faster
  • View Your Mac Faster

TOOLS : (The Installer Installs Every Tool You Need Automatically! (Except Zatacker))
  • Fluxion by Deltaxflux
  • WifiTe by derv82
  • Wifiphisher by Dan McInerney
  • Zatacker by ???
  • Morpheus by Pedro ubuntu [ r00t-3xp10it ]
  • Osrframework by i3visio
  • Hakku by 4shadoww
  • Trity by Toxic-ig
  • Cupp by Muris Kurgas
  • Dracnmap by Edo -maland-
  • Fern Wifi Cracker by Savio-code
  • Kichthemout by Nikolaos Kamarinakis & David Sch├╝tz
  • BeeLogger by Alisson Moretto - 4w4k3
  • Ghost-Phisher by Savio-code
  • Mdk3-master by Musket Developer
  • Anonsurf by Und3rf10w
  • The Eye by EgeBalci
  • Airgeddon by v1s1t0r1sh3r3
  • Xerxes by zanyarjamal
  • Ezsploit by rand0m1ze
  • Katana framework by PowerScript
  • 4nonimizer by Hackplayers
  • Sslstrip2 by LeonardoNve
  • Dns2proxy by LeonardoNve
  • Pupy by n1nj4sec
  • Zirikatu by pasahitz
  • TheFatRat by Sceetsec
  • **Wifi password scripts**
  • Handshake (WPA-WPA2)
  • Find WPS pin (WPA-WPA2)
  • WEP hacking (WEP)

How to Install Lazy Script on Kali Linux.

(Make Sure You Are A Root User)

Thanks To Aris Melachroinos For This Script

Lazy Script Download :

Be Carefull.If You Download It As A .Zip File, It Will Not Run.Make Sure To Follow These Simple Instructions.

git clone
cd lscript
chmod +x
How to run it

(Make Sure You Are A Root User)

open terminal
type "l"
press enter
(Not even "lazy"!! Just "l"! The less you type , the better!)

How to Uninstall Lazy Script on Kali Linux.

cd /root/lscript
rmdir -r /root/lscript
How to update

Run the script
Type "update"
Things to keep in mind

Computer Knowledge

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