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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Shell Scripting Tutorial in One Video By ProgrammingKnowledge

Shell Scripting Tutorial in One Video By ProgrammingKnowledge.

A Shell Script Is A Computer Program Designed To Be Run By The UNIX Shell, A Command-Line Interpreter. The Various Dialects Of Shell Scripts Are Considered To Be Scripting Languages. A Shell Usually Interprets A Single Line Of Input, But We Can Also Create A File Containing A Number Of Lines Of Commands To Be Interpreted. This File Is A Program Known As A Shell Script. The Program Can Also Contain Control Structures (If-Then, Loops). Shell Scripts Allow A Sequence Of Commands To Be Executed Automatically. Shell Scripting Tutorial Is Designed To Help Beginners And Professionals.
  • Introduction
  • Using Variables And Comments
  • Read User Input
  • Pass Arguments To A Bash-Script
  • If Statement ( If Then , If Then Else, If Elif Else)
  • File Test Operators
  • How To Append Output To The End Of Text File
  • Logical 'AND' Operator
  • Logical 'OR' Operator
  • Perform Arithmetic Operations
  • Floating Point Math Operations In Bash | By Command
  • The Case Statement
  • The Case Statement Example
  • Array Variables
  • WHILE Loops
  • Using Sleep And Open Terminal With WHILE Loops
  • Read A File Content In Bash
  • UNTIL Loop
  • FOR Loop
  • Use FOR Loop To Execute Commands
  • Select Loop
  • Break And Continue
  • Functions
  • Local Variables
  • Function Example
  • Read-only Command
  • Signals And Traps
  • How To Debug A Bash Script

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