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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Programming 101 Course By Udemy

Most People Do Not Know How Their Device's Process Binary And Work With Data, From Their Washing Machine To Their Smart Phone.

In This Course We'll Cover Even More, What About Programming Paradigms. Paradigm Just Means A Model On How To Do Something. So In This Case We Can Write Our Program's In A Certain Way Or In A Certain Paradigm. Very Few Beginners Consider The Style With Which They Program. When Creating Small Scale Apps It Isn't That Difficult, However When Creating Large Scale Apps, Paradigms Become Imperative.

Most Programming Languages Give You The Flexibility To Mix And Match Programming Paradigms Or Styles For Writing Your App's. You Have A Few Major Styles To Choose From Such As Assembly, Procedural And Object Oriented. Do Note In A Single App You Can Mix These Paradigms Usually Procedural And Object Oriented To Best Suite That Part Of Your Large Scale App. I'll Show You The Styles Of These Paradigms And Then Apply Procedural And OOP (Object Oriented Paradigm/Programming) To Demonstrate How The Human Mind Works With Differing Paradigms; Proving That Multiple Paradigms Are The Way Forward.

Finally At The End Of Learning Such A Broad Range Of Topics In A Clear And Concise Course; You'll Also Be Learning About The Licensing Which Should Be Covered Especially For New Comers. Then Learning About Software Morality Such As DRM, Software Patents And Many Other Aspects Of How The Government Is Dealing With Your Data.

After All This, If You're Still Not Satisfied You Can Have Your 100% Money Back Guarantee If The Course Actually Cost Anything. So This Last Bit Is Really The Bit That Sells It, What Have You Got To Loose?

What Are The Requirements?
  • Anybody, A Complete Novice Can Take This Course If They Choose To

What Get From This Course?
  • Count Bits
  • Understand Binary Data
  • Understand Bit Processing
  • Understand Basic Network Structure
  • Understand Routers, ISP's, Packets And HTTP
  • Full Working Knowledge Of Programming Languages
  • Understand The Concepts Behind A Programming Language
  • Understand Variables And Constants
  • Understand Functions, Arguments And Parameters
  • Know About Software Licensing
  • Comprehend DRM, Patents And Morality Of The Industry

Udemy Online Training With Certification Link :-

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