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Friday, July 14, 2017

Learn JavaScript From Scratch By Udemy

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript Is A Programming Language That Is Usually Used For Web Pages And Applications. Its Primary Purpose On The Web Is To Add More Functionality To Pages. Good Examples Of JavaScript Applications Are Online Quizzes And Surveys.

JavaScript Is A High-Level, Dynamic, Run-Time Language.

Why JavaScript Is Important?

If You Want To Learn Web Designing, Or Web Developing JavaScript Is One Of The Fundamental Things You Should Know And Master.

JavaScript Is A Client-Side Programming/Scripting Language Most Of The Time We Are Using JavaScript For Static Web Pages To Make It Dynamic.

There Are Many Reason You Should Learn JavaScript Like It Is A Good Introduction To Computer Programming.

The Advantages of JavaScript

JavaScript Has Multiple Libraries And Frameworks You Can Take Advantage Of. Just Being Familiar With JavaScript Will Be Good Enough For You To Use And Embed Awesome Functions In Your Applets Or Pages. Why? Because You Can Take Advantage Of Its Multiple Frameworks And Libraries That Will Make Your Life Easier. Aside From That, It Executes Fast.

Why You Should Take This Course?

This Course Is Created For Those Who Want To Learn JavaScript From A-Z If You Are Totally New In JavaScript This Course Will Guide You To Learn JavaScript Than If You Know Some Basic About JavaScript Again This Course Will Take Your Carrier To The Next Advance Level Of JavaScript I Have Explained The Lectures That Anyone Can Understand.

What Are The Requirements?
  • You Must Have A Google Chrome Browser
  • No Prior Coding Experience Needed

What Get From This Course?
  • Work In JavaScript Confidently
  • Have A Strong Understanding Of The Fundamentals Of JavaScript
  • Work With Variables And Strings
  • Work With Numbers In JavaScript

Udemy Online Training With Certification Link :-

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