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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Matrix Technological Simulation Concept of the Universe By FactTechz

Matrix Technological Simulation Concept of the Universe By FactTechz.

The First Serious Attempt To Find The Truth About Our Universe Came In 2001, When An Effort To Calculate The Resources Needed For A Universe-Size Simulation Made The Prospect Seem Impossible.

Consciousness Is Embedded In The Matrix, A Virtual-Reality Simulation Created By Sentient Machines.

Physicists Can Now Offer Us The Same Choice, The Ability To Test Whether We Live In Our Own Virtual Matrix, By Studying Radiation From Space. As Fanciful as It Sounds, Some Philosophers Have Long Argued That We’re Actually More Likely to Be Artificial Intelligences Trapped in a Fake Universe than We Are Organic Minds In the 'Real ‘one.

Seth Lloyd, A Quantum-Mechanical Engineer At MIT, Estimated The Number Of "Computer Operation" Our Universe Has Performed Since The Big Bang — Basically, Every Event That Has Ever Happened. To Repeat Them, And Generate A Perfect Facsimile Of Reality Down To The Last Atom, Would Take More Energy Than The Universe Has.

"The Computer Would Have To Be Bigger Than The Universe, And Time Would Tick More Slowly In The Program Than In Reality," Says Lloyd. "So Why Even Bother Building It?"

Today's Technology Is Not Enough To Find Out The Reality Of This Universe. We Need More Technological Developments To Reach The Destination (Of Finding The Ultimate Reality Of This Universe). Perhaps, Science And Technology Will Be Able To Prove The Existence Of The 'World Made Through Programming'.

VoiceOver :- Rajesh Kumar


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